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Spare parts service

Are you missing a game piece or is one of the components damaged? Please fill in the form below.

To allow a fast processing of your requests, please make sure to give us the following information:

  1. Name your complete contact details.
  2. Give a precise description of the problem (name of the game, and an accurate description of the missing/damaged material)

If possible, we’d love to make your Pegasus game whole again.


*For your attendance*

Dear customers,

The spare parts service is back from the holidays and we will answer all inquiries chronologically. We received quite a few requests.

Your request has been successfully sent to us if you see the following text when submitting your request: "Your form has been successfully submitted."

Is Your country not listed below? Please contact directly your dealer.

Playful greetings from the Spare Parts Team!

Spare parts service

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