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Numenera: Cypher System Rulebook

Numenera: Cypher System Rulebook

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The Newest Numenera Release Lets You Take the Campaign Wherever You Want! A Cypher System... more

The Newest Numenera Release Lets You Take the Campaign Wherever You Want!
A Cypher System campaign of Victorian horror? High fantasy? Espionage? Galaxy-spanning space opera? Soon, any of those will be as easy as running Numenera or The Strange. The Cypher System Rulebook is the next big corebook release from Monte Cook Games, and it’s coming in the summer of 2015!
Now Numenera fans will be able to take their game to any genre they like. The Cypher System Rulebook gives them loads of new rules content for their Numenera campaign, as well as everything they need to use Numenera’s Cypher System to run campaigns in virtually any setting they like.
The Cypher System Rulebook will be as big, beautiful, and hefty as you expect from an MCG corebook—at a price point that will drive profits at your store!
• The next big thing from Monte Cook—’nuff said! • Loads of content for Numenera campaigns, and The Strange players will want it too. • Gamers have been hearing great things about Numenera for two years now. This is a new jumping-in point for gamers who want to try it, but haven’t been hooked by the Ninth World setting. • Look for licensed and MCG products supporting this rules set in late 2015 and beyond!

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