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RuneQuest Classic RPG (HC)

RuneQuest Classic RPG (HC)

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With RuneQuest, you enter a world of high adventure and death-defying excitement, where  good... more

With RuneQuest, you enter a world of high adventure and death-defying excitement, where  good and evil meet face to face and weapon to claw! This book also includes:

Character Creation - how to turn numbers into characters, with explanations of why’s as well as what’s.

Basic Mechanics - tells what dice to roll and when, and what each roll means. These early chapters show the secret workings of the “world machine.”

Combat Skills - contains information on use, cost, training, and problems with weaponry. It provides a unique combat system free of ambiguities.

Battle Magic - everyday spells available to all characters. You can enhance weapons or armor, detect items, or combat spirits.

Other Skills - available in a wide variety are such personal skills as Riding, Tracking and Picking Pockets.

Rune Magic - provides spells that deliver the power of the gods to their devoted followers; also discusses the cults that channel such powers and the deadly tribal shamans.

Monsters - from Aldryami to zombies, this extensive chapter gives guidelines for a menagerie of beasts (dumb and smart) which can menace players and make life difficult.

Treasure - there are complete guidelines for compiling treasure which is commensurate with the comparative danger of the monsters dealt with.

Referee Notes - useful guidelines for the novice and professional referee, including optional rules.

Charts and Tables - included are play-aids for running a campaign in the Dragon Pass area; among others are encounter, reaction, and experience tables.

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