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Magic World RPG

Magic World RPG

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Curumir wiped blood from a gash over his eye as he peered through the fog and gloom of the... more

Curumir wiped blood from a gash over his eye as he peered through the fog and gloom of the pine woods. Storm clouds were gathering, casting a deathly darkness over the boughs surrounding him. The sweet smell of sap filled his head. If he weren't fleeing for his life, the place would almost seem pleasant.
He'd been hounded for days, and his pursuers were gaining ground. A vast cracking noise split the darkness, and a huge abhuman monstrosity, slimy grey skin mottled with black scales, charged out of the dim wood. A great snarl erupted from the beast's tusked maw, as a group of ragged-clothed bandits rushed up behind it.
"Give up the staff, wizard" growled the leader, inching forward slightly, gripping a poisoned blade in one gnarled fist.
Curumir muttered an oath, and stepped forward. Eldritch flames instantly leapt up the length of his blade, casting a greenish glow across his attackers.
"There will be blood spilled tonight, Ranalf" Curumir spat at the bandit king. "But it will not be mine."
With a cry, Curumir rushed forward...
Enter a world of fantastic adventure, where your destiny is limited only by your imagination. Where powerful sorcerers manipulate the very essence of reality, and where warriors decide the fate of kingdoms with blade and spear. A world of magic, myth, and menace... A MAGIC WORLD! MAGIC WORLD is a self-contained fantasy roleplaying game using the classic "Basic Roleplaying" system. The game allows you to play characters in a world of fantasy, adventure, and excitement. The rules of MAGIC WORLD are simple to grasp, while having enough options and complexity to suit any gaming style. Characters grow in experience organically, without relying on artificial constructs such as classes, levels, etc. Any sort of fantasy character you can imagine, you can play. MAGIC WORLD contains: Full rules for creating characters in a world of magic and fantasy. A robust magic system with nearly one hundred spells. Any character may become a spell caster with the right combination of raw talent, and training! Detailed, yet streamlined skills and combat rules. Complete rules for nautical adventures. A bestiary of more than sixty creatures to use as foes for the characters, or as the characters themselves! Play as any species imaginable: Human, Elf, Orc, Centaur, Troll, Talking Beast, and more! Gamemaster advice, and resources. A gallery of enchanted items which might be found in your characters' adventures. A complete sample campaign setting, "the Southlands", to jump start your adventures. And more!  

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