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Bad Bones (englisch/französich)

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You lead the good life at the top of your tower, contemplating your peaceful kingdom and... more

You lead the good life at the top of your tower, contemplating your peaceful kingdom and chatting with your charming neighbours. Life is absolute happiness. Well, it was… Terrible skeletons arise from their graves with a creepy clatter across the realms' ancient cemeteries. Those scouts that return report endless streams of bony hordes marching toward each kingdom, ravaging the lands as they come. Faced with this sudden threat, even your once friendly neighbours seem to have turned against you as they withdraw to their keeps to defend their own frightened kingdoms. Your kingdom is at siege by the living dead. You raise troops, build walls, lay traps, prepare magical spells and even wake your pet dragon. Hopefully they can be slowed, or if you’re devilishly crafty, they can be turned towards those traitorous adjoining kingdoms. In this battle, your best asset is your brave and proud hero, who stands ready to slay those piles of walking bones. Alas, he can’t fight everywhere, so if things get truly desperate you could offer them your treasure to get some relief. The ivory invaders want somewhere to call their own to live out their death in peace, and they have their eye sockets on you! Will you holdout, or will your home become the retirement village of the damned…

Important instructions
  • Not suitable for children under 36 months
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Sit Down!
Release date:
Number of players:
For 1 to 6 player 8 years and older
Playing time:
30 minutes
31cm x 31cm x 8cm
2600 g
Profit x Probability (3)